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無辜的小鬼 Innocent Little Ghosts

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It is a Life!



Cathie Chen



It is a life; a life that can't be treated lightly or as we wish,

a life that can't be brought into being or be terminated as we please!


幾年前,學姐迷上算命,到處打聽「很準」的算命師,到處算命樂此不疲,路途再遠、排隊再久也要去「 問一下」。那幾年,我對生活和工作,甚至是對自己都不滿意,也希望能有高人指點,給條新的路,讓我能好地發揮所長;學姐則是一心一意想要嫁個有錢的好老公。因此,只要她聽到哪裏有什麼人很厲害,就會請假要我陪她去。


Several years ago, a friend ahead of me in school was crazy about getting her fortune told. She looked for fortune tellers who were “very accurate,” and enjoyed listening to predictions about her life so much that she never got tired, regardless of how far she had to go or how long she had to wait in line. At that time, I was not satisfied with my life, my job and even with myself. So I hoped to meet a “superior person” who could direct me onto a new path, where I can fully develop and use my skills. My friend was wishing wholeheartedly to marry a wealthy man, so as soon as she heard about someone whose predictions were accurate, she would take a break from work and asked me to go with her.



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Taking Responsibility for My Own Life!


◎于安 口述

Yu An



I can't claim that I was brave; I thought it was a realistic choice (to have the baby), and I felt a sense of peace once I made the choice.




Ten years ago, I did something wrong. Being confused, I got pregnant without being married. I knew then if I gave birth to the baby, I could only be a single mother.




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The Hearts of a Mother and her Child are Connected



Guo- Xin Xie



The connection between the hearts of a mother and her child begins even before the child is born.; it starts when the child is still in the womb. The child knows exactly what his or her mother is thinking.



I teach Buddhism to children. I remember once I talked to several parents about the principle of no killing. I told them that having an abortion is a form of killing, because it is taking the life of a living human being. However, a number of younger mothers in the group disagreed. Then, a mother responded by telling us the story of her three year old daughter. Mrs. Ye told us that she always planned to have only two children, so when her second child was born, she started to use contraceptives. To her surprise, after a number of years, she got pregnant again. She felt that it would be difficult to raise three children, so after getting her husband’s consent, she decided to abort the fetus that was several weeks old.




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A Doctor's Realization



Ya-Jen Chuang, Clinical Psychologist



After listening to the stories of my patients with Bipolar Disorders, I realized why the Venerable Master emphasized the importance of upholding the precepts......



I became acquainted with the Venerable Master’s teachings about four years ago, around the time when Taiwan had the SARS crisis. Actually, SARS is like the dangerous and contagious respiratory disease that the Venerable Master mentioned in his Dharma talks. As a health worker, I was met with fear once I left the hospital where I worked. Since I could be quarantined for even the slightest fever, it was hard for me to go anywhere. It was then my aunt sent me publications of the Venerable Master’s Dharma talks, and I began to study his teachings. The Venerable Master said that people who recite the Great Compassion Mantra and the Shurangama Mantra would be untouched by an epidemic. This was when I started to learn the Shurangama Mantra. 


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Verse of Transference










May the merit and virtue accrued from publishing this book

Help all aborted fetuses in the world to leave suffering and attain bliss, and

be reborn in the Land of Ultimate Bliss.

May everyone understands the principle of cause and effect,

do not kill, and do not engage in sexual misconducts.

May there be world peace, and

May the nation be prosperous and the people live in peace and happiness.

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